Advantages of Ecological Building

el 20 July, 2016



Energy savings by the use of aerothermal technology, cooling heating systems ensuring an A energetic performance certification.


Use of high technologies in water management systems;, recycling rain and grey waters, ring closed hot water system and especially, great water savings with dry construction.


Benefits of building materials; such as high quality, durability, breathability and flexibility. Use of ventilation systems with dual-flow particulate filters and allergens. Using advanced domotic.


BASS construction with BREEAM, Green Builing Council Certification and Energy Performance Certification Class A, offers high international quality values that increases the total market price. Efficiency in construction.

Quality Life Style.

Electromagnetic waves exposure decreases up to 90%. You will also be protected from alergies with air filters and avoid air conditioning wuth doble flow ventilation systems. All aditives and chemicals avoided in ecological paintings,varnishes and building materials.

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Advantages of Ecological Building