A completely innovative concept within the traditional ecological construction



BASS SYSTEM is a development of the constructive system in technologically advanced countries, known as light framework system or Platform Frame. The real innovation at BASS SYSTEM resides in the Mediterranean culture; in the use of materials and constructive concepts belonging to its millenarian tradition. This, along with the application of bioclimatic design standards makes ours a unique system in the field of the ecological construction.

1. Great variety of constructive options.
BASS SYSTEM has a versatile structural system. Its high mechanic resistance enables us to create almost unlimited spans and overhang, allowing clear contemporary lines without any architectural obstacles.

2. Speedy construction and rational use of resources.
Contrary to the modular systems, our system allows us to combine personal designs. Our building works are on-site for the minimum time of construction. This reduces drastically the waste production, and in turn, noise pollution and aesthetic impact as well. A proper design can fit the different pieces with pinpoint accuracy.

3. Light system.
With a relative weight of only 400 kg/m3 (In comparison to the 2500 kg/m3 concrete or the 7000 kg/m3 steel) our system represents a new change in the foundations of housing. In addition to this, it is the best system known during the occurrence of seismic disturbances, thanks to its lightness and flexibility.

4. Reduction of emissions and energy consumption during the building work/implementation. 
The lightness of a BASS house means a saving of the emissions during the transport and the use of auxiliary machinery.

5. Dry construction.
In this type of construction cement is not utilised, therefore dry time is absent. This means that water consumption is reduced to a minimum and the few residues left are all recycled. This in turn, allows us to optimise the design and the deadline for delivering the housing. In addition, this system makes maintenance service and potential future repairs much easier with no extra work, just by replacement of the elements.

6. Hygrometric capacity.
The wood that is used at BASS SYSTEM is considered to be a hygroscopic material, which means it can absorb and release humidity to the environment, thus adjusting naturally and without variation the amount of humidity in the interior of our housing. Breathing and allergic potential problems are prevented in that way.

7. Fewer costs in energy maintenance.
Wood as a natural thermal insulation is an ideal material that allows us to remove the thermal bridges and energy leaks. This, along with full enveloping makes a difference concerning the energy consumption in contrast to a conventional housing.

8. More comfort than a traditional implementation.
Due to its capacity to keep humidity and temperature to constant conditions and to their great thermal insulation, our housings are guaranteed to have an incomparable comfort all the year round.

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