Building's envelope



At BASS we have designed a high-tech envelope, compatible and complementary to the structural system, Platform Frame, by using natural materials that offer maximum performance.

1. Thermal insulation. 
The excellent performance of the housing is based in a high thermal insulation (U<0,20W/m2ºC, reaching values below 0,16 W/m2ºC).

2. Acoustic insulation. 
By using different materials and densities, we are able to achieve an extraordinary acoustic performance, as well as a complete sound insulation at different wavelengths. As for sound waves transmissions, through resonance of low frequency vibrations, we have found that materials such as cork and floating constructive solutions, radically improves the sound conductivity. On the other hand, in large open spaces noise/ sound absorbent solutions are provided to solve the problems caused by the noise pollution.

3. Breathability. 
No doubt, the defining element at BASS SYSTEM is its active contribution to the area of health care. Natural mortars based on silicates and lime, as well as the layered coatings of the envelope, allows indoor air renewal. Environmental humidity is then naturally regulated. The BASS skin breaths as yours does, creating an indoor atmosphere beyond comfort. All the used materials have passed strict quality controls, which guarantee the absence of volatile organic compounds (COV) such as formaldehyde.

4. Control of electromagnetic fields. 
In order to meet health benefits, the removal of the electromagnetic pollution in the inner space of the housing, has been taking into special consideration. Among the many virtues of cork, we find its capability as shielding against high frequency radiation waves (coming from repeater stations, transformers, power lines and the increasingly mobile phone antennae sites) to be beyond compare.

-The use of shielding paints in the interior of the house, with discharge to ground through foundations, allows us to create a neutral environment and health thanks to the Faraday Effect.

-Finally, with a suitable design of the electrical installation, a study of cable ducts, a selection of coaxial cables; and above all, the sectorised home domotic control on/off, we are able to achieve the removal of electrical pollution and magnetic fields of the internal environment.

5. Carpentry. 
The carpentry of the exterior is made of certified precious woods of low thermal transmission. That combines with low emission double-glazing and built-in argon in the intermediate coats. Active systems of solar protection are monitored by home automation and this guarantees the luminous and thermal comfort of the housing. The constructive resolution of the carpentry elements is a key issue to guarantee the proper functioning of the system. This aspect enables us to achieve an ideal solar factor and thus, reducing electrical consumption in artificial light and air conditioning.

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Building’s envelope