At BASS, we incorporate the latest technological advances in domotic systems. This results in a great benefit for the owners of the house due to the combination of intelligence, comfort and functionality. The main elements of our domotic system allow us to control these functions:

1. Control of lighting. 
It is able to control both on and off lights, as well as their adjustments, to either a constant light level or RGB lighting. The control of the lighting can be both conventional; autonomously, by presence detectors, or a combination program using both systems. Thus, different light scenarios can be created depending on your preferences and needs. Another of the advantages of the domotic system, regarding the lighting-load energy saving, is the option to take into account the light input you can receive from outside your housing. With the help of luminosity detectors, we will be able to achieve considerable energy savings. This is made possible, as those illuminations that are closer to the external light source, will be monitored to a lower intensity to those that are further from it. At all times, the intensity level is maintained, either by regulations or the client’s specification.

2. Control of the blinds. 
At BASS, the control of the blinds by domotics system goes one-step further. In our projects we greatly emphasise the passive performance of the housing, it is our priority to have a complete control about the amount of light blocked or how we let the light shine through.

3. Climate control. 
The climate control consumes a great part of the energy consumption in a house, and at BASS one of its fundamental pillars is the management of the entire air conditioning and ventilation system. This is achieved through the use of different passive systems, as for example overhangs, in combination with domotics, in such a way that those aspects that are difficult to achieve, will be carried out by our intelligent system. This means creating customer-defined comfort environments, which vary according to the season we are in.

4. Security control. 
Our domotic system is able to monitor the whole housing from the security point of view. The same sensors used for lighting control can be adjusted on customer demand to a security mode. This enables a more accurate detection and the possibility to monitor the whole housing. In this section you will find everything related to technical alarms: smoke detection, flood alarms, indoor air quality, or the events of faults in the electrical grid. And last but not least, our control system is able to simulate a random presence for those time periods in which home-owners are not in the house; thus providing an important safety point.

5. Multimedia control. 
Another of the functionalities that the domotic system provides is the convenience to power the multimedia devices available in the housing. This is the case of the SONOS sound system that allows us to see the information you want to be displayed at each moment.

6. Control of the energy consumption. 
Among all the functionalities that home automation can provide, this aspect is where we will apply the latest advanced technology on the market. Our goal is to provide you with a housing that is as efficient and effective as possible from an environmental and energy perspective. Thanks to the domotic applied at BASS, the housing will perform in an intelligent and automatic way; reducing and optimising energy consumption. At BASS it is a key issue that the housing is a comfortable space for people. That is why despite having a state-of the-art domotic system, we will not dispense with the local conventional control of the housing. You will never become a slave to the domotic.

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