1. Air conditioning and ACS production. 
The high standard of comfort that we offer is only made possible, by air conditioning heating and cooling systems at low temperatures; either in underground systems on a horizontal surface or micro capillaries in vertical parameters. The energy needed for the system is generated by solar panels supported by aerothermal heat pumps or another renewable energy source. At BASS we use aerothermal technology to draw energy directly from the air stream in order to achieve a constant temperature and hot water supply. This we draw down from the solar heating. By using this renewable source, 75% of clean energy is produced for the maintenance of air quality in the housing.

2. Efficient and healthy ventilation system. 
At BASS, we use a mechanical, double flux, ventilation system and silent operation. Clean air quality is ensured by extraction of foul air emissions in ancillary rooms and purified air impulsion, using air-handling units in the main rooms. Thus, improving thermal comfort and providing an important energy saving in our housing. Due to the incorporation of the highly efficient heat/cold exchanger, up to 92% of the heat/cold can be recovered from the air extraction.

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