Sustainable, timeless, of high contemporary mechanisation, a 100% renewable and biodegradable natural material, wood generates a positive balance of CO2 in the building, since right from its birth a tree is absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen. Moreover, we must not forget that wood is a biocompatible precious material; if properly managed it is a renewable natural resource with a low carbon footprint. At BASS construction, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies all wooden elements. This independent international organisation verifies sustainable forest management systems; ensuring among other principles, the conservation of the forests.

Cork is a natural living element, breathable, a non-wood forest product and a highly renewable material. Its bark protects the tree, both from the cold of the rugged mountains and the blazing sun of the Mediterranean summers. At the same time it allows the tree to breath. It is an excellent thermal sound and vibration insulation. It has high mechanical resistance properties and exceptional performance against humidity. It possesses high dimensional stability and it works as a shield against fire. In addition it shows no toxicity when burning, which means it does not carry flame. It is a chemically inert material; it is not attacked by insects or microorganisms and ensures an effective resistance to environmental humidity. This in turn, makes it a healthy in natural facade for the home. All these elements make it safe under extreme conditions, which limit damage to the house in the event of fire.

100% biocompatible material, used from the most ancient times. It is a great CO2 -fixer in room air, purifying the environment constantly during its usable life. Due to its plasticity and malleability, the risk of cracks is reduced to a minimum or even zero for the medium to long term, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs. It has an enormous capacity to store heat. Consequently, in hot climate areas, the sunny facades absorb solar energy keeping the interior cool. In addition its strong water steam diffusing power increases the “botijo” effect (typical earthenware jug) in the interior of the housing, this means a more natural cooling. Its strong antiseptic and fungicidal qualities prevent microorganisms from entering the body; thus ensuring the healthiness of the housing.

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