Biocompatible Materials

Bioclimatic housing design

We use materials carefully chosen under three quality standards:

1. Environmental footprint and material life-cycle.

Building process heavily impacts the environment and human health because of the exploitation of natural resources, the high energy consumption, the emissions generated and the ecosystem impact. Our goal is to minimize the set of conditions associated with the extraction phase, manufacturing, transport, placing and end of life of the materials.

2. Expected materials lifetime and building systems.

We keep in mind the energy consumption, the recyclability after its useful life, the native origin and its renewable characteristics. That’s why we choose quality and environmental friendly materials such as wood, natural cork, lime, silica, magnesium or grapheme. They are part of a whole set of new generation materials needed to guarantee the sustainability of our buildings.

Our materials and equipment provide better bio-living conditions in order to guarantee higher benefits in comfort and environmental health inside our homes. They also prevent premature aging, water infiltrations, rising damp, poor air quality and many other pathologies.

3.Health benefits.

The performance of the ecological materials ensures gains in human health. Our houses help to minimize the effects of diseases such as rheumatism, allergy and many others respiratory disorders. In addiction, natural wood biolectrical field also gives a state of balance to the human body, which is especially beneficial for people suffering from nervousness, insomnia, migraines and headaches.The envelope of the building absorbs electromagnetic waves received from the outside, reducing the stress levels of its inhabitants .

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Biocompatible Materials