Construction Trend in Europe | Analysis

el 31 January, 2019

The construction market situation in Europe is complex. For this reason, we have analysed what has been exhibited at two international Real Estate events in which we take part, in order to understand where ecological and sustainable construction is heading in relation to traditional construction in both Eastern and Western Europe.



REC EXPO 2018: Azerbaijan

State Property Management Committee

The 4th edition of REC EXPO 2018 took place last November. This took place in the strategic area of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

This Real Estate Fair has been the most influential in the region for years.

It counted with the participation of local and international leading companies, such as Azmont Investment, Remax, Suryapi, Besa Group, Dreamland Baku, Blanca Real, North America Real Estate and Municipality of Ulcinj, among others.

The intention was to explore new markets, develope collaborative relationships with industry consultants around the world and stay connected to Real Estate trends and projects.

To be able to exhibit the projects in a more visual way, several stands offered well detailed scale models.



The topics were diverse, although there are two that reveal where the building market is heading:

  • Investment in new products and search for new locations. There was a search for countries such as Bulgaria, Georgia or Montenegro, for being attractive, with a profitable economic level and in possession of an unquestionable future projection that affords a long-term investment.
  • Domotics and smart homes. Technology integration in security systems, energy management, comfort or communications provide an extra well received by the customer.


Sustainability project from Dubai attracted the attention from many customers at the fair. According to the Dubai Land Department, they promoted standards for sustainable property development for Real Estate companies in Dubai.

Recreation of the proposed project in Dubai

The Green Economy for Sustainable Development project has the purpose of turning the United Arab Emirates into one of the pioneers in sustainable property development. Their long-term ecological proposition are eco-sustainables cities or communities.



 Algarve Residential Tourism Conference.

In the same month of November, we were also invited to participate in the First Conference on Residential Tourism and Sustainability in Vilamoura (Portugal). In a period of recovering from the financial crisis, trying to expand the market, the conference addressed strategic aspects of the residential tourism sector in the context of Algarve’s economy.



Different issues related to sustainability, the current market and development were discussed:

  • Economic sustainability and productivity of current planning parameters.
  • New markets, new investor profiles, different needs and experiences. New development models.
  • Investors’ profitability requirements and market cycles, in the short term.



Ecosustainable villas are a clear example of balancing feasibility between two apparently distant realities.


From right to left: Bernard Soultan, Paulo Correia, Julio Delgado and Gerry Fagan.

The conference was attended by leading experts in the field of residential tourism, such as Professor Paulo Correia of the Higher Technical Institute of Lisbon, Gerry Fagan, member of the organization DDM (Decade Development Management), the CEO of Ombria Resort Julio Delgado and Bernard Soultan, founder of Comporta Signature.

Bernard Soultan presented, together with Miguel Mourato, BASS HOUSES representative in the Portuguese market, his concept of “handcrafted real-estate” combined with our constructive, sustainable and high-performance technology, surprised the audience.

Ecosustainable villas are a clear example of balancing feasibility between two apparently distant realities.


Sustainable construction is increasing and is making its way between public and private organizations due to the environmental crisis the world is going through.

Different profiles are interested in this niche market, from investors to banks or government representatives.

So we could establish two clear trends:

  • The market is looking for profitability and future projection. For a new demand, new construction styles and and new locations are reviewed again and again in order to find a product that supports long-term investments. The aim is to satisfy a demand for quality for an increasingly demanding and committed public.
  • Environmentally friendly buildings.More and more people are advocating a type of architecture that is the most respectful to the planet and her inhabitants. Gradually, the measures that penalize pollution in the construction of any infrastructure become more real, while at the same time those that comply with sustainability parameters are recognized.
Construction Trend in Europe | Analysis

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