Ecofriendly Hygge at Costa del Sol

el 5 January, 2017

Hygge is exactly what Danish souls are looking for in Costa del Sol. It means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life.

Further, more than a wonderful Mediterranean climate and a wide choice in excellent fresh and ecological gastronomy, Costa del Sol offers a lifestyle.

  • It’s the pleasure to meet up with friends around a bottle of Rioja and some wonderful tapas on a summer night.
  • It’s the attractive mixture of Andalusian and cosmopolitan habits or a barefoot walk on sand beach caressed by the Mediterranean breeze.
  • It’s the experience of picking up coriander from your garden backyard.

As consul of Denmark, I have noticed that the Danish residents on the Costa del Sol give importance to very specific aspects that may seem curious or extravagant to Spanish.
However, everything has a story behind.


Sun and lightness for Danish population is a gift of God.

Denmark is a beautiful country but its summer are very short and dark winters are everlasting. This affects all aspects, from poor plant quality to the need of vitamins to supply the lack of sun.

This is why we want light, open houses and sunny apartments with big terraces and furnished plant gardens.  It is the reason why we stop on a light winter morning passing by an aromatic “Dama de Noche” or a breath-taking sunset.


Northern countries lived closely the effects of polluting energy accidents during the second half of the 20th Century.

This is how ecological awareness started.

We know about radiation and electromagnetic silent waves. We care of our health and know how awful certain things can be.  Because of this nuclear disaster, we have specialized in ecological product, renewable energies and home automation sophistication. We want this to be taken into account when looking for our own home.

Apart from this and after what we have lived.  It is our turn in taking care of our world; we share a vision of sustainability and the use of ecological renewable products. It is important not to forget that we are passing souls and must leave a better world to future generation.



When I met BASS Houses, I was surprised to see they understood perfectly what a Danish wants for their homes. Most Danish residents arriving today to Marbella and surroundings looking for a healthy home to live in.

They want high-energy efficiency, bioclimatic designs and the correct use of renewable energies. Danish clients are specific; they know what they want and are ready to pay for quality, but they know perfectly the cost of a good life investment.

A home is a family nest; it’s a life philosophy to be shared. What message do we want to share with our children?

In this way, I am delighted to see that BASS houses does not only build ecological homes. They are really consecrated with the environment. I participate with them in teaching the sector to explain what environmentally friendly Danish residents look for themselves and others.

Marisa Moreno (Consul of Dimanarca)


We were missing professionals that could offer us practical and comfortable eco-friendly homes.

Delighted to see that Andalucía is progressing in this way.

Marisa Moreno (Consul of Dimanarca)



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Ecofriendly Hygge at Costa del Sol

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