High Energy Efficiency

Efficient architecture of houses and homes

No doubt, the energy saving is one of the main pillars of high level quality BASS stands upon. Born from this concern, the design, work execution, and after-sales service is studied thoroughly. Emphasis on these aspects allows a significant reduction in energy saving. All of this is grounded in two key aspects:

1. Use of technologies low in carbon.

By the use of one strategy we achieve multiple benefits. In the first place, the use of our technologies allows an important reduction in emissions, and secondly, a considerable energy consumption saving is achieved. Thanks to this the cost of lost energy is cut. A BASS housing is not only comfortable and healthy, the maintance is also economic an easy.

2. Use of a high standard thermal envelope.

The use of this type of envelope offers a number of benefits. These can be summarised as follows:

– High thermal insulation. Overcoming three times the requirements of the recently approved legislation and up to ten times the real estate market.)

– Health and well-being. Thanks to the use of both biocompatible breathable materials and advanced systems, we can minimise and even remove the presence of electromagnetic radiation in sensitive areas.

– High acoustic insulation. A BASS housing is a haven of peace within the urban chaos, this in turn leads into less stress and a greater quality of life.

– Optimum lighting control. We can achieve an optimal balance combining natural light and solar collection.

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High Energy Efficiency