Ecological construction

When we talk about ecological construction, we are talking about bioclimatic housing design, environmentally friendly materials and high energy efficiency

Carbon footprint

At BASS the reduction of emissions in the construction processes is the key. The compromise we use with the environment goes beyond the use of materials or low impact systems.

We apply criteria for the selection of components according to an analysis of a life cycle; and also through environmental product labels or highly regarded environmental statements e.g. FSC, BES60001:2008, recycled materials. In that way we can verify the sustainability of all the key processes and the supply chain. The mentioned selection covers the main structure all the way to the finishing touches of the housing.

Another key aspect for the minimisation of emissions in the housing refurbishment is the using of low carbon technology or zero carbon.

For every project a complete feasibility study is made and thus we can select the best energy source depending on the owner needs and the environmental conditions of the site. This kind of assessment allows us to make a choice between different systems, such as high efficiency aerothermal in under floor heating or any other type of green technology.

Likewise, the whole bioclimatic design minimises the energy needs, and consequently the carbon balance during the life of the house is considerably reduced.

Technical Certificates

Energy Performance Certification Class A

According to the requirements laid down by the Directive 2002/91/CE of the European Parliament (RD 235/ 5th of April 2013) , at BASS all of our housing is guaranteed with an EU ENERGY LABEL , Class A, thus anticipating the European directive 2010/30/EU, regarding the building energy efficiency, which is that from 2020 , all the member countries will have to take measures in order that every building of new construction have a null and void energy consumption.

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. More than 27,000 have been BREEAM certified and over a million are registered for certification in more than 63 countries around the world..

The greater efficiency and quality associated with sustainability are helping to make buildings more commercially successful. BREEAM rated buildings provide increased rates of return for investors, and increased rental rates and sale premiums for developers and owners.It is worth nothing less than 60% of the property investors have BREEAM as their first option.

[ InformeDLA Piper, Marzo 2014 ]

Green Building Council

GBCe (Green Building Council España) is an autonomous organization; member of the World Green Building Council, WGBC, a non-profit International Association .GBC ESPAÑA has currently been recognised as an Established Council of this organisation. The United States Green Building Council, USGBC, led the process.

GBC España also works alongside the “International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment” Association, iiSBE, based in Ottawa, (Canada), representing the Spanish Area.

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