Why ecologicals

Unique homes with soul. Homes that reflect your personality.

For us it’s not a matter of building houses, but realize your life project.


Taking as a starting point design and contemporary architecture, at BASS we have developed a fully innovative concept of ecological housing. Modernity, sophistication and efficiency are the key elements to satisfy the demands of people committed to their environment and its welfare. At BASS, we consider that design must combine both the aesthetic and functionality. With it we make aspects of life easier, optimize resources, and solve complex situations efficiently. For us, design is a value that allows us to stand out, create beauty, differentiate and define our personality in conjunction with your vision. At BASS we adopt a rationalist style of pure lines and minimalist inspiration, where the most important aspect is attention to the details and the quest of your essential needs. That is precisely our sign of identity, combining materials and typical elements of Mediterranean architecture with a contemporary approach, incorporating the latest advances in construction technology and home automation.


BASS is Mediterranean. It is the region where it was born, where its concept was developed and we believe the place where we are born; the way we grow up defines and conditions us for the rest of our lives. The Mediterranean Spirit strives to find inspiration. It seeks a way to see and understand life and where health, enjoyment, principles, blend of cultures, quality of life, comfort, functionality and design find easily a way through our character. That´s why, we would like that Spirit to become a part of yourself.

At BASS we understand ecological construction as a necessary tool for change.

Unique projects

At BASS we know that taking into account every single detail is a necessity but we also know our aim will be reached, only if we arrive at the best understanding of our client’s enquiries. Our aspiration is to make a reality of your life project. We wish to know about you, your personality, and your concerns, what you are aiming at, your goals and find the perfect moment to share with us your purpose, your vision. The technical issues will undoubtedly come later. We are here to be by your side and make your way easier.

Why ecologicals